Sacramental Minister

The Pastor

Father Andy Syberg, acting on behalf of Archbishop Charles C. Thompson, is
the Spiritual Minister of the parishioners of St. Rita Catholic Church.  As a leader
of the people of God, he works to help parish members become a living community
of faith through worship, community life, service and instruction in the faith.


Permanent Diaconate

Deacon Oliver Jackson is St. Rita's permanent deacon.  Permanent deacons have
both a liturgical role and a service role. These may be exercised in or beyond the parish.  

Permanent deacons are clerics who can perform all of the functions associated with their
order. These include proclaiming the Gospel, preaching the homily, assisting the priest at
Mass, celebrating Baptism, distributing Communion, presiding at funeral and burial services
(but not celebrating the funeral Mass), acting as the official witness at weddings and exercising
certain ecclesiastical offices. Men 32 years of age or older who wish to consider this service
should consult the Pastor.


Parish Life Coordinator

Sister Gail Trippett is St. Rita's Parish Life Coordinator.  She was appointed by Archbishop Charles
Thompson coordinate the ministerial activity of parish(which have no resident pastor.  The primary
function of the parish life coordinator is to empower and sustain ongoing parish life; insuring
appropriate liturgies; providing pastoral care and parish administration; and serving as the liaison
between the parish and the diocesan church, the local church and the local community.