Parish Staff

Parish Staff members are available for spiritual guidance
and counseling or general information.

Sister Gail Trippett
Parish Life Coordinator

Sister Gail Trippett is St. Rita's Parish Life Coordinator. 

Sister Gail Trippett is St. Rita's Parish Life Coordinator.  Her responsibility is for the pastoral care of parishioners entrusted to the pastor of a parish by the archbishop.  In accordance with the law of the church, the pastor/Parish Life Coordinator is responsible for all spiritual and temporal matters within the parish.   The archbishop appoints a parish life coordinator (religious or lay person) to assume responsibility for the pastoral care of parishioners.  Our parish life coordinator works with a priest moderator and with three sacramental ministers who are ordained priests. The priest moderator serves as a mentor and guide for the parish life coordinator where needed.  She is responsible for spiritual direction, spiritual formation, visiting the sick, anointing the sick without confession, funeral services without a Mass, all administrative duties, overseeing the spiritual programs in the parish, and all other aspects of parish life.

Fr. Andy Syberg, Fr. Joe Moriarty, and Fr. Justin DuVall
Sacramental Ministers. 

They are St. Rita’s ongoing celebrants for the liturgies, and administer the sacraments to the parishioners.  They continue to serve our community during first communion, confirmation, weddings, Masses of Christian Burial, hospital visitations and join in the life of the church whenever possible.  We are grateful for their spiritual presence for these important life journeys within our faith community.
Sacramental Minister

Deacon Oliver Jackson
Spirituality Committee

Kerry Conwell
Parish Council Chair

Anita Bardo
Director of Religious Education (DRE)
Pastoral Minister for RCIA and RCIC
Youth Minister

Finance Chair
Sharon Edwards

Marty Ray
Building & Grounds

Denise Gavia-Currin
Parish Secretary

Angela Guynn

Phyllis Walker
Director of Music

Youth Music Minister

Vivian Hill
Activity Coordinator

Ira Hogan
Website Administrator